Fortis watches are available in four primary collections:


  • Fortis Cosmonautis
  • Fortis Aviatis
  • Fortis Terrestis
  • Fortis Aquatis

Fortis Cosmonautis

Ever since their flight aboard the space station MIR in 1994, Fortis watches have been part of the standard equipment of all cosmonauts.

After 100,000 orbits around the earth and the longest stay in weightlessness of any watch, Fortis embodies reliability in time and space.

Fortis has proved itself again and again like no other brand and is therefore a true pioneer and a specialist in the field of space travel.

Alongside the Official Cosmonauts watches with solid steel bases and engraved missions, this year Fortis is launching a new version which embodies the features of the first original.

IFortis Aviatis

Flying inspires not only pilots but many people all around the world. Today, flying is part of our everyday lives yet it was always, and continues to be, people with a special pioneering spirit who push development onwards.

Fortis is one of these pioneering spirits which has spent centuries striving to develop perfection for pilots. The cockpit may be entirely digital today, but a watch remains a reliable companion with heart. And so it remains true today, that the most important instrument for a pilot is a mechanical watch.

Based on this fundamental law of aviation, Fortis set itself the goal of developing the best watches for flying. The core elements of such a watch were defined early on: unparalleled, clear readability, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass and extreme pressure resistance.

These features and ongoing further development have helped Fortis in becoming the first choice for more than 60 flight squadrons – including the PC-7 Team of the Swiss Airforce.

Fortis Terrestis

Inspired by elegant Fortis designs from the 30s and 40s, the Terrestis Collection is a homage to the early days.
With the latest Swiss watch technology, these models continue the success story and offer the modern gentleman a masterful combination of elegance and functionality. He can rely on his timepiece, be it at a gala dinner or at a classic polo match.

A common feature of many Terrestis models and also of excellent watchmaking is the dome-shaped sapphire crystal, the “domed dial”, which can only be created with years of experience.

The watches were also equipped with a new elegant crown and the hands were developed according to originals from the 1940s. The new cases, which are available in precious metals, are furnished with a bolted mineral glass base which allows a glimpse into the Swiss-made automatic movement.

A classic style feature of all Terrestis models is the variation between a.m and p.m – the dial alternates between light and dark.


Fortis Aquatis

Nothing on our beautiful planet is as dangerous and, simultaneously, as peaceful as the sea. It takes special skills to brave the sea, to subdue it and, of course, to enjoy it.

Nowhere else will you find more varied opinions concerning the best manifestation of water. One person may be fascinated by its unruliness, others may love the smooth waves lapping at the shore.

People who often have to struggle with harsh conditions particularly require uncompromising functionality.

The unchanging mark of the quality of these highly specialised instruments is the oversized rotating bezel as well as the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass as well as the glowing, bright Superluminova which guarantees perfect readability even in the deepest water.

Designed for use on and in the sea, the confident design makes a big impression in any shark tank.


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